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The 2012 Taiwan Communication Survey (Phase one, Year One) : Literacy and Communication

The first sub-topic of the first phase of the Taiwan Communication Survey focuses on the overall outline of Taiwanese public’s media behavior. In addition to continuing Academia Sinica’s “Taiwan Social Change Project,” this survey also aims to explore other aspects of communication, including news, advertisement, politics, health information, consumption, social and interpersonal interaction, interpersonal mobile communication, social network, and mass mobilization, so as to examine the public’s dependency, trust, judgment, and perceived influence of different forms of information.
The questionnaire is expanded to include new items, and the survey is conducted, not in the conventional paper-based form, but using self-developed CAPI software on tablet computers. Due to the intricacy of communication behavior, many items on the questionnaire are linked, and responses to certain items may affect whether or not subsequent items need to be answered. This increases the possibility of errors and may cause sample attrition if the survey was conducted on paper. However, CAPI can minimize potential errors by automatically skipping unneeded questions, as is proven by the interviews, while its data uploading function can also expedite the data entry and checking processes after interviews.
In terms of the interviewing process, interviews are conducted by a well-trained survey team led by professors with years of experience in the field. Due to the scale of this survey project, the survey team selects senior interviewers to conduct smaller-scale, trial surveys prior to the real survey. Trial surveys help to identify and rectify potential problems in order to ensure the success of the real survey.
Furthermore, this can also provide senior interviewers with further training, so that they can help supervise less experienced interviewers, implementing a stratified quality control system during the real survey.
The population of this survey includes all residents in Taiwan over the age of 18. At the end of the survey, a total of 2,000 samples were collected. Data of the first sub-topic of the first phase (SPSS data file, original questionnaire) has been released to the public in July 2013.

2. TCS report of 2012
3. TCS data of 2012 (.sav)
4. TCS questionnaire of 2012

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