論文名稱: 狂飆的年代?一般民眾的認同趨勢,1992-2005
Trend of National Identities in Taiwan, 1992-2005
作者: 吳乃德  Nai-Teh Wu
出處: 台灣的社會變遷1985~2005:傳播與政治行為
出版年: 2013
頁數: 93-128
關鍵字(中): 民族主義、民族認同、族群、公民民族主義、族群民族主義
關鍵字(英): nationalism, national identity, ethnicity, civic nationalism, ethnic nationalism
摘要(中): 許多人根據問卷調查所得宣稱:台灣人認同在近幾年有極為顯著和快速的成長;台灣認同已經為社會普遍接受,而成為主流的思潮。這樣的宣稱雖然沒有錯誤,卻太過簡單。認同的現象遠為複雜。過去十多年累積的資料和研究發現指出:(1)「台灣人認同」快速成長;「中國人認同」顯著萎縮。(2)「台灣民族主義」在民主化之後數年確實急速成長,可是近幾年卻處於停頓狀態。相較之下,「中國民族主義」持續萎縮,可是「中國民族認同」持續穩固。結果造成甚大比例的民眾具有「雙重認同」。(3)本省籍民眾和外省籍民眾在認同上的變化有所差異。外省民眾沒有拋棄中國認同,可是卻增加台灣認同;本省民眾則以台灣認同取代中國認同。(4)所有類型的認同都處於非常不穩定的狀態,兩年之間可以有甚大的變動。
摘要(英): The conflict between Taiwanese identity and Chinese identity is the most salient issue in Taiwan's politics since the democratic transition in the late 1980's. It is also the only division between two main political parties. Many people claim with the findings from polls conducted by news media and government that Taiwanese identity is now the mainstream political attitude. The claim, though not wrong, is too simplistic. This article presents the findings of national surveys from 1992 to 2005, which used different and more adequate measurement for national identity. It also summarizes findings from previous researches concerning the trend and change of national identity. Firstly, "Taiwanese identity"has indeed grown greatly at the expense of Chinese identity. Second, "Taiwanese nationalism" surged in the first few years following the democratic transition, but has stagnated in the recent years. In contrast, the Chinese nationalism has declined rapidly, but Chinese identity continued to persist. As a result, people with"dual identity" constitute a significant proportion among the populace. Third, with important political implication, Chinese mainlanders and native Taiwanese experienced different trends of identity change. While native Taiwanese replaced the Chinese nationalism with Taiwanese identity, Chinese mainlanders adopted a new Taiwanese identity without giving up the formerly held Chinese identity. Fourth, the national identity of all nationalist groups was volatile, experiencing significant change within a short span of two years.

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