論文名稱: 你怎麼加臉書「好友」?連結策略與感知社會支持及心理幸福感的關聯性。資訊社會研究。
作者: 林日璇  Jih-Hsuan Lin
出處: 資訊社會研究
出版年: 2017.01
卷期: 32
頁數: 113 - 149
關鍵字(中): 臉書、社群媒體、成人、社交連結策略、心理幸福感、生活滿意度
關鍵字(英): digital Facebook 、 social media 、adults 、social connection strategies 、well-being 、 life satisfaction
摘要(中): 本研究使用傳播資料庫一期三次全國代表性樣本,探究台灣成人臉書上四項社交連結策略與感知社會、臉書上及整體心理幸福感之關聯。不同的社交連結策略,與臉書上歸屬感、自我價值、及感知臉書人氣有正向關係。本研究新提出「新增強連結」與「擴展社交圈」這兩項連結策略,結果發現新增強連結策略,對於臉書歸屬感有最大的正向影響力,但與感知臉書人氣沒有關聯性;擴展社交圈策略,對於臉書感知人氣有最大的正向影響力。維持型及社交資訊查看型策略,間接透過感知社會支持,正向影響線下現實生活滿意度。本研究透過臉書上與他人的連結策略,探討連結策略對於心理幸福感細緻的影響,對於現有文獻中將臉書「使用」視為單一變項的不足做出貢獻。
摘要(英): Using the national-representative sample from the 2014 Taiwan National Communication Survey, this study investigated associations between four connection strategies on Facebook and users' perceived social support, and the effects of connections strategies on users' Facebook and offline psychological well-being among adults who are 18 and older. Adults mostly use Facebook to maintain their current network, and seek social information of those they are interested in. The results also indicated that different connection strategies are positively associated with sense of belonging in Facebook, perceived self-worth resulted in Facebook use, and perceived popularity on Facebook among adult users. The author examined two new strategies in this study, which are "initiating strong ties" and "expanding networks" strategies. The results showed that among the four connection strategies, initiating strong ties strategy had the strongest effect on Facebook belongingness, but did not have associations with perceived Facebook popularity. Expanding networks strategy had the strongest and positive effect on perceived Facebook popularity. Maintaining and social information seeking strategies positively affected users' offline life satisfaction through perceived social support. Current literature employed Facebook use as a single construct, and this study focused on connection strategies on Facebook and found nuances of influences to contribute to the literature. In addition, the national representative sample expanded the research scope from college students in previous literature, and further examined the influences of Facebook and offline psychological well-being.

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