論文名稱: 社交媒體的動員力量:網絡機會模式之觀點
The Mobilization Power of Social Media: A Network Opportunity Perspective
作者: 陶振超  Chen-Chao Tao
出處: 新聞學研究
出版年: 2017.04
卷期: 131
頁數: 49-86
關鍵字(中): 社交媒體動員、懶人行動主義、網路機會模式、虛擬 接近性、觀察學習、重複暴露
關鍵字(英): network opportunity model, observational learning, repeated exposure, slacktivism, social media mobilization, virtual proximity
摘要(中): 社交媒體展現驚人的動員力量,然而誰被動員與如何動員 仍所知有限。本文提出網絡機會模式,主張社交媒體建立虛擬 接近性,使得人們在不互相干擾的狀況下,也能傳遞資訊。以 政治消費主義為研究背景,研究一採 2014 台灣傳播調查資料 庫,發現社交媒體多樣化社會運動參與者,促成更多女性、未 就業者及年輕人參與。研究二採網路調查,發現社交媒體使人 們重複暴露於相似資訊,提供觀察學習機會,促進參與。結論 指出社交媒體造就個人大眾傳播。
摘要(英): Social media demonstrate the massive power of mobilization. However, who are mobilized and how mobilization works are still unknown. This paper proposes the network opportunity model arguing that social media establish virtual proximity, which leads to information dissemination without contact and irrespective of acquaintances or unknowns. Two studies focusing on political consumerism were conducted to examine the model. Study 1 uses 2014 Taiwan Communication Survey and finds that social media diversify the participant of social movement. Study 2 uses Web survey and shows that repeated exposure to similar topic on social media elevates the opportunity of observational learning. Based on social cognitive theory, the increase in observational learning cultivates self-efficacy and promotes social movement participation. It is concluded that social media create “personal mass communication.”

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