論文名稱: 是「異議」?還是「疏離」? 網路使用者的政治態度與政治參與
Dissidents or Alienateds? Political Attitudes and Political Participation of Taiwanese Internet Users
作者: 王嵩音  Song-In Wang
出處: 傳播文化
出版年: 2017.11
卷期: 16
頁數: 104-131
關鍵字(中): 政治信任感、政治效能感、政治參與、網路使用者
關鍵字(英): political trust, political efficacy, political participation, internet users
摘要(中): 本文依據「政治信任感」以及「政治效能感」將臺灣網路使用者區分為「忠誠者」、「異議者」、「從屬者」與「疏離者」,並探討四種政治態度類型的分布比例情形為何?不同類型的人口學特徵為何?不同類型的線上以及線下政治參與行為有何差異?政治態度類型和傳統媒介與非傳統媒介使用行為之關聯為何?結果顯示臺灣網路使用者中以「疏離者」人數最多,人數最少為「從屬者」。四種類型在教育程度以及政黨認同上有顯著差異。四種類型在常規性的投票行為方面並沒有顯著差異,但在其他的線上或線下政治參與行為都有顯著差異。其中「忠誠者」政治參與的頻率最高,「疏離者」政治參與的頻率則最低,「異議者」參與線下公民運動的頻率最高。研究也發現傳統媒介的使用行為並不能夠顯著預測政治態度類型,至於非傳統媒介則能顯著預測不同的政治態度類型。
摘要(英): This study focuses on the political efficacy and trust in the government, which are the political attitudes defined by the Gamson Typology - Assured, Dissident,Subordinated, and Alienated. This study examines how the four groups differ in terms of conventional and non-conventional political participation, and to what degree the use of traditional and alternative sources of political information predicts the four groups. The results show that of the 1,470 Taiwanese Internet users who reported either high or low levels of trust and efficacy, 525 (35.7%) are classified as Alienated, 380 (25.8 %) as Assured, 328(22.3%) as Dissidents, and 238 (16.2%) as Subordinated. The four groups show significant differences in the level of education and party identification. Findings also support the hypothesis that compared to the other groups, the Dissidents are more likely to protest against the government, the Assured are most likely to engage in political activity, and the Alienated are least likely to engage in political activity. The results also show that the use of alternative sources of political information can significantly predict one to be either the
Assured or the Alienated.

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